I believe that in our contemporary society, the aesthetic experience is one of the last areas where we can perceive a sense of liberty and individuality, a place where we can find communion with humanity. 
The limitless beauty of this world as well as the cruelty that a select few impose on that beauty creates the motivation and, sometimes, the material of my music.                        
--Marcelo Toledo
Ultraschall Festival 2010 premiere of complete version La selva interior (The Jungle Within) KNM Berlin and Neue Vocalsolisten
marcelo toledo

The music of Marcelo Toledo is intricate and full of details like a jungle landscape. The score, written with an incredible level of resolution , contains all the nuances for its interpretation and demand from the musicians the command of not only new instrumental techniques that are already part of the repertoire but also many more that are part of Toledo’s extremely personal music world. In fact, in many instances Toledo reinvents the way of playing the instruments. But these new techniques work always for a strong and consistent language made out of fluxes of sounds and noises of an astonishing beauty and effectiveness.

La selva interior is the interior view of an emotional extreme that is expressed with a maximum of sensual intensity. Marcelo Toledo's grasp on the Man of Sorrows Quiroga serves as a standard for the future of musical theatre.                                                                                 
                                                                                                        Matthias Nöther, Berliner Zeitung